Influencer marketing- What is the relevance of working with influencers?

Social media is now an inevitable part of our lives. This new world added new platforms to our lives with new types of interactions, marketing and engagement. Back then before social media, we used to see celebrities of that time like Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc. on the traditional media. These were the people who were used to keep up with emerging trends and lifestyles and get inspirations from what they were wearing, eating or doing. Later there was Web 2.0 trend which was the birth of blogging and bloggers.  We have seen people like one of us writing and inspiring. But now with the rise of on social media platforms, especially Instagram, we now have influencers which are not in the same category with celebrities Kardashians, Hadids or other Hollywood stars. These celebrities are living lives which are unreachable by many of consumers due to financial and social concerns. Consumers do not go to MET Gala or Cannes every year like them. Influencers have showed us a new engagement for inspiration which is more down to earth. These influencers do not have unlimited budgets like celebrities, they use same bag more than once for their styling and combines low-end brands with premium brands- diversity of content. They reflect a more reachable perspective of glamorous lives.

In 2016, nearly 85% of marcoms worldwide was expected to use influencers for their marketing strategies and over 80% of companies and brands who have used influencer marketing agreed in it is an effective way of engagement (Emarketer, 2015). When compared with traditional advertising, a study showed that influencer marketing is 11 times more effective (Kirkpatrick, 2016).

Anand Narayanan, Head of Digital at Panasonic UK, stated that influencer marketing is a key factor for marketing strategy (Narayanan, 2018 cited in Salim, 2018). Influencers provides consumers with new perspectives over the brands and their own stories, therefore adding influencers to marketing strategy would strengthen the marketing campaign. (Sammis, Lincoln and Pomponi, 2015) Influencers are a part of consumer engagement and companies should find ways to add them into specific touch points during consumer journey- as consumer journeys provides competitive advantage to companies/brands (Edelman and Singer, 2015).


Reflecting on Sherman’s thoughts, there are two main points that should be considered to add influencers to our marketing strategy:


  • Selecting the right influencer is key in this case since many influencers’ audiences lose interest as the time passes (Sherman, 2017)


  • Influencers should have the freedom to shape the content in the way thay want and show they perspectives, otherwise it would not be an effective campaign (Sherman, 2017). It would look more like an advert.


For our project, we should consider working with influencers on Instagram who are into music and fashion. These influencers can also be DJs, they don’t have to be world known but local DJs in the places where we are planning to have pop up stores would be great.



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    In today’s world, influencers are getting more and more important, as they can help to promote the brands only by posting the products on their social platform. While it is true that influencers are hard to access, the collaboration between influencers and brands can always attract abundant of fans to purchase the products. Besides, it is essential for the brand to select suitable influencers. For our project, as we are producing the items for music lovers and club fans, so the collaboration with DJs can be considered to be a successful collaboration.

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