Co-creation and our project

Ramaswamy and Gouillard (2010) argues the fact that customer experience is in direct variation with the experience of internal stakeholders is usually ignored. In order to design successful experiences for customers, companies should focus on developing their internal stakeholders’ (such as employees, suppliers, distributors, regulators) experiences (Ramaswamy and Gouillard, 2010). In contrast to traditional design process, co-creation process offers a joint way develop experiences of all stakeholders (including customers) which increases productivity and creativity within the companies (Ramaswamy and Gouillard, 2010).
However, for this project a successful co-creation to be applied would take time and as we are aiming to launch collection on October 2019, which is Beat’s tech-fashion collection. Therefore, co-creation would be more successful if beats want to launch another collection in 2020 which would give our members to design an effective co-creation system as I believe co creation would increase value of our future collections. Co-creation’s advantages can not be ignored.


Ramaswamy, V. and Gouillart, F. (2010) Building the Co-Creative Enterprise. Harvard Business Review, Oct, pp. 100-109

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    I think in terms of the co-creation issue about our project. We have taken each team member’s strengths into consideration when allocate tasks. That’s the reason why we are well matched and able to push our project forward.

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    I believe that if the company can team up with different stakeholder would be very beneficial. For our project, if the company can meet different stakeholders’ needs, that would help the brand to achieve higher reputation.

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