Manage creative people by respecting each idea

The main content of this article is that the author discovers a contradiction between executives and young employees in the company. The paradox is that executives are frustrated that recent hires and young staff are overly eager for more responsibility. At the same time, young employees are frustrated by the fact that they are not given enough growth opportunities.


According to this contradiction, the author offers three ways to sort the contradiction (Dean, 2015).

  • Embed the practice of leadership as a discipline across all levels
  • Actively develop young employees to accelerate organizational learning
  • Focus creative tension by forming “special-ops” teams to make organization improvements

I think this article is more suitable to be released at the beginning of the project, because the first point about cooperation and communication is very useful for us. Now I’ll talk about the author’s first solution in detail.


It is very interesting that the author think about a creative team as a brain and each member of the team as individual neurons. He attached the importance to the environment in which neurons lives. He said, “If the environment is healthy, relationships among people are stronger. If relationships are strong, each interaction is more effective” (Dean, 2015). From this, we can see that an effective people management ensures that the company is innovative. Because the centre of every project is people. People are who can provide a continuously creative ideas for the company.


In cooperation, in an environment that everyone is brave enough to express their opinions, then it will be healthy environment to create innovation. By this standard, our group is a very healthy place for innovative ideas. Each of us provided our own ideas for the project enthusiastically, which is why our cooperation is very smooth. But think about it, why should we all dare to express it? Because each of us has a positive attitude towards other people’s ideas, we do not easily negate others. One of the qualities that a good people management should have that is not to say no to any idea in the creative process. It enables everyone dare to say what they think and be happy to say what they think.



Dean, C. (2015) Developing the Next Generation of Creative Leaders. Design Management Review, Vol 26:3 pp.44-49



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  1. Posted 31st May 2018 at 10:54 am | Permalink

    I like the point you mention that people in a healthy environment can provoke creativity. And I am glad that in our group, we can always express our opinions and solve the difficulty together, and the project we did came out to be really amazing.

  2. Posted 31st May 2018 at 11:01 am | Permalink

    That’s a good point of view! As for our team, we all have our own innovative ideas. On one hand we should be open-minded in the creative process, while on the other hand, we have to critically think about each idea. Then decide carefully which is the most suitable one for our circumstance.

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