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Design innovation in the fashion industry.

Mocker, M. and Ross, J.W. (2017) The Problem with Product Proliferation. Harvard Business Review, May-June pp. 105-110   The first article interprets the problems and difficulties for customers and employees when product’s excessive innovation causes business complexity. In consequence, the innovation does more harm than good to the brand. There are three principles to avoid […]

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What process should consumers play in the New Product Development process?

Jennifer M. and Anthony K. (2016) ‘Co-creation and the development of SME designer fashion enterprises’, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management,  20 (3), 322-338   This journal article investigates the concept of co-creation for the internationalization of small and medium enterprise (SME) designer brands. The qualitative research methodology was conducted by interviewing 38 participants from […]

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Consumer is everything! ——in which processes of NPD that Co-creation can be effectively used

The given article talks about the co-creation between DFEs with stakeholders, buyers, editors and consumers etc. , giving out the definition of co-creation and DFE. The purpose of this paper is to examine the co-creation of small and medium enterprise (SME) designer fashion brands during internationalisation. Through the 38 semi-structured in-depth interviews with designer fashion enterprises, the […]

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Innovation Not enough for industry but too much for our project

Is too much innovation a bad thing in the fashion industry? Mocker and Ross (2017) focus on the variety of products as innovation in their article. They use examples of known brands such as Phillips and Lego. Their argument is strong and supported by numbers and provides ways to solve the outlined problems. They argue […]

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