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The sourcing strategies

  Barrie, L. (2018) Outlook 2018- Strategies for Sourcing Success. Lee, H.L. (2010) Don’t Tweak Your Supply Chain – Rethink It End to End. Harvard Business Review, October pp. 63-68 New, S. (2010) The Transparent Supply Chain.Harvard Business Review, October pp. 76-82 McCormack, N. (2017) What Goes Into Making Everlane’s Earth-Friendly $68 Pair of Jeans? […]

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How important is transparency to consumers?

Transparency is defined as ‘‘visibility and accessibility of information especially concerning business practices’’ (Merriam-Webster, 2010). Because of transparency, we can easily get to know where the brand obtained their materials, where those materials were made and how they were transferred to every store. Almost everything in the supply chain are accessible. As Carter and Rogers (2008) […]

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Transparency and sustainability

The four articles discuss the topics of sustainable fashion and transparency supply chain as well as efficient sourcing strategies for apparel companies. In Lee’s article, the author takes Esquel as an example to discuss how those producers can satisfied customers demand and conduct environmentally and socially responsibility and also protect its profit margins. This article […]

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