What role does people management have in innovation and NPD processes?


Learn how to manage people and be a better leader

Ramaswamy, V. and Gouillart, F. (2010) Building the Co-Creative Enterprise.

According to the authors, the modern enterprise human resource management is based on the human resources of the enterprise and studies how to realize the rational allocation of enterprise resources. It breaks through the constraints of traditional labor and personnel management, and no longer regards people as a kind of technical element. Instead, it regards people as having an inherent constructive potential factor, which is regarded as deciding the survival and development of enterprises, and is always full of vitality. Special resources with vitality. Instead of placing people under strict supervision and control, they provide them with various conditions for the creation of their subjective initiative and the full potential of their labor potential (Smith, 2017).


We must shift from the thing-centered management to the people-centered management, pay more attention to the development of human resources, pay more attention to the input of human resources, improve the utilization of human resources, and realize the long-term goals of the company’s core competitiveness and sustainable development.


Talent is the carrier of science and technology, the invention and creator of science and technology, and the user and communicator of advanced science and technology. If science and technology are the primary productive forces, then talent is a special element in the elements of productivity. Talent is not only renewable resources, sustainable resources, but also capital resources. In modern enterprises and economic development, talent is an incalculable capital, a kind of capital that can bring huge benefits to the company. Talent development as a resource is an inevitable economic development. Only relying on the innovation and reform of talents’ intelligence factors, enterprises rely on scientific and technological progress to carry out planned talent resource development, and use human intelligence capabilities as a huge resource for excavation and utilization, so as to achieve scientific and technological progress and economic growth. Enterprises must create a good environment suitable for attracting talents and cultivating talents. They must establish a human resources development mechanism that is based on merits, rewards for performance, and training on an as-needed basis to attract talented people, retain talents, and meet the needs of enterprises’ economic development and competition. Need to achieve rapid economic development of the enterprise.


The goal of corporate talent resources is to attract, nurture, and use people, tap potential, and stimulate vitality. Enterprises should closely focus on the objectives of economic development, take the development of human resources as the fundamental task, and fundamentally solve the problem of talent development and utilization.

  1. Accelerate the establishment of a management system that adapts to the growth of all types of talents. According to the requirements of the market economy system, deepen the reform of the company’s personnel system and accelerate the establishment of a new talent management system that suits the growth characteristics of various talents. It is necessary to build four teams of high-quality leaders, management and management personnel, professional and technical personnel, and skilled workers, establish distinctive classification management systems, attach importance to the cultivation and selection of creative talents and compound talents, and build up The new concept of employing talents, focusing on performance, and contributing to the promotion of entrepreneurship, encouraging innovation, and encouraging competition.
  2. Increase investment in talent education and training. Enterprises should use training and education functions to make the company a “learning organization,” and focus on improving the creative and creative abilities of all types of talents. High-tech and high-investment measures should be taken in the training of enterprises, so that the talent capital of enterprises will continue to increase. Increasing the investment in talent training and education can not only meet the needs of the company’s economic development, but also satisfy the talented person’s thirst for career development and personal improvement. Such investment will obtain a higher return than matter, and this return will have a long Efficiency and over-cost.
  3. Improve the motivation for talents. Incentives are the core of talent development in modern companies. Whether or not the potential of human resources can be played and to what degree it can be played depends, to a certain extent, on the motivation of talents. In the introduction and use of talents, enterprises must actively study the impact of individual needs and institutions on individual satisfaction, and the mechanisms that can generate various incentives. The principles for the income and treatment of talents, their position responsibilities and performance, and contributions should be formulated. The post, task-by-task, pay-for-performance distribution system encourages technology, management, and other factors of production to participate in the distribution of income, maximizing the enthusiasm of talent, and ultimately achieving a double harvest of corporate economic development and human resource development.

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