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10 Barriers to Effective Communication

To achieve effective communication, to better manage people.

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Manage creative people by respecting each idea

The main content of this article is that the author discovers a contradiction between executives and young employees in the company. The paradox is that executives are frustrated that recent hires and young staff are overly eager for more responsibility. At the same time, young employees are frustrated by the fact that they are not […]

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How will a marketing perspective influence our product decisions for our project?

Aticle: Beverland, M., Micheli, P. and Farrelly, F. (2016). Resourceful Sensemaking: Overcoming Barriers between Marketing and Design in NPD. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 33(5), pp.628-648.   This article examines how designers and marketers overcome deep-seated differences in approaching NPD (Di Benedetto, 2012; Verganti, 2011). The good relationship between the marketers and designers has a […]

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How important is transparency to consumers?

Transparency is defined as ‘‘visibility and accessibility of information especially concerning business practices’’ (Merriam-Webster, 2010). Because of transparency, we can easily get to know where the brand obtained their materials, where those materials were made and how they were transferred to every store. Almost everything in the supply chain are accessible. As Carter and Rogers (2008) […]

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Consumer is everything! ——in which processes of NPD that Co-creation can be effectively used

The given article talks about the co-creation between DFEs with stakeholders, buyers, editors and consumers etc. , giving out the definition of co-creation and DFE. The purpose of this paper is to examine the co-creation of small and medium enterprise (SME) designer fashion brands during internationalisation. Through the 38 semi-structured in-depth interviews with designer fashion enterprises, the […]

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